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Sarah Young

(Founder and Coach at Vision Insight)

Having experienced first-hand the two extremes of workplace culture and leadership and herself been the recipient of workplace bullying, Sarah is dedicated to helping organisations develop their leaders and institute a people-focused and zero tolerance for bullying culture. Drawing on more than 15 years of experience in dealing with top-level leaders, Sarah has devised executive and team leadership coaching and workshop programs that incorporate how to effectively lead, motivate and inspire others.

Her areas of expertise include coaching leaders in clarifying and communicating a compelling, purposeful vision as well as creating an authentic and value driven leadership style, incorporating diversity and inclusion.  Sarah works to strengthen her client’s emotional intelligence, leadership mindset and self-leadership which includes work/life integration, mindfulness, developing a growth mindset and effective stress management.

Currently, Sarah facilitates Growth Mindset, Diversity and Inclusion and Leadership workshops as well as individual coaching. She also writes leadership programs for national summits and delivers keynote talks geared towards inspiring the audience.

Sarah is also extremely passionate about sustainability and influences organisations to make positive changes at every opportunity. She runs three environmental groups, hosts community clean ups and runs competitions to reduce plastic usage in schools. As well as this, she sits on the board of the Orangutan Alliance and has petitions to get Palm Oil labelled and single use plastic banned (both in Australia).

Career Highlights

  • One of the first female managers of a FTSE 250 London foreign exchange broking team at the age of 21

  • Selected from coaches Australia wide to develop and facilitate leadership programs to key female leaders in Sydney

  • Sustainability judge for the Lord Mayor’s Business Awards 2018, Brisbane

  • Multi-media presenter on ‘Ocean Plastic Pollution’ at The Lord Mayor’s Asia Pacific Summit 2019 –  (event attended by circa 90 Lord Mayors)

  • Guest lecturer for University of Queensland Business School leadership course

  • Published 4 page spread on corporate coaching in ‘Coaching Life’ Magazine

  • Guest Speaker: Honorable Lord Mayor Graham Quirk’s 2020 strategy weekend

  • Guest Speaker: Women of Westpac Bank’s launch event

Community Involvement

  • The Orangutan Alliance

  • The Sea Shepherd Australia

  • Three Peaks Challenge for Care International

  • Women of Substance Girl Guides Mentoring Program

I had the pleasure of being Sarah’s client at Standard Chartered Bank in London for the best part of ten years. The aspect that really marks her out from the crowd is an absolute focus on your needs as an individual and an utter determination to ensure those needs are fulfilled regardless of the effort involved. In business it is rare to find someone you can truly regard as a trusted partner but Sarah epitomises reliability, trustworthiness and honesty. I would welcome any opportunity of doing business with her in the future and would wholeheartedly recommend others to do the same.

Rob Hare, Senior Manager, Standard Chartered Bank

Our Mission

It is our privilege to help organisations and their people to continually improve and develop as professionals, individuals and as teams. Our goal is for our clients to reach their full potential and to assist in contributing towards your improved workplace culture, increased leadership effectiveness, staff performance and retention.

Why Choose Us?

At the cutting-edge of leadership and workplace culture, we always aim to add unexpected value to you and your organisation at every given opportunity while at the same time out-exceed your expectations. We like to treat your goals with as much dedication as if they were our own. Vision Insight was created with the purpose of empowering people and workplaces in reaching their greatest potential. Facilitating and making this a reality within your organisation and being a key part of your journey is how we at Vision Insight define success.

Our Approach to Culture Consulting

We recognise that every organisation is unique and comes with its own set of obstacles and objectives. Therefore, it is our role to work closely with you to create a bespoke strategy that works best for you and your stakeholders. We take an ‘outside-in’ approach when assessing your current culture across all aspects of your business operations. We will then present you with a change strategy for implementation.

Our Approach to Leadership Coaching

Leadership Coaching is a defined number of confidential one-to-one or team consultations that dramatically improve performance. Our leadership coaching offers a transformational approach to coaching rather than a transactional approach. This means that we work not only at the behavioural level but also at the mindset and beliefs level, which are the elements that make the difference between short-term change and long-term transformation. Our leadership coaching style supports a culture of change and agility.

Our coaching style includes:

  • Identifying and pursuing a clearly defined leadership and culture vision, mission, value set and actionable goals

  • Communication coaching for purpose and clarity on vision delivery

  • Diverse and inclusive leadership to maximise team performance

  • Empathy coaching to enable increased connection and engagement with your stakeholders

  • Facilitating change and the adoption of new, more effective and forward thinking behaviours

  • Growth mindset leadership and team coaching for resilience, innovation and continuous improvement

  • Creating purpose driven, agile, T-shaped teams that are a step ahead of the competition

  • Emotional Intelligence coaching for both self-awareness and self-control to attain heightened awareness levels and better understanding of the emotions and behaviours of others

  • Identifying limiting beliefs and reframing them into self-belief

  • Addressing negative thought patterns and replacing them with positive ones

  • Supporting creative and strategic thinking patterns

  • Focusing on developing core strengths and strengths in waiting

  • Identifying areas for development and addressing any critical weaknesses

  • Supporting a people and value driven, empowering, engaging and authentic leadership style

Why do we believe that ‘Culture Transformation’ is key to future success?

“Because more than ever, your greatest assets are your people. If you have a healthy, agile and well balanced culture, your people are highly engaged, behind your purpose and empowered to continuously challenge the status quo. Their behaviour in this environment will transform and innovation will flourish. Culture transformation is a key component to driving your organisation’s success”.


has changed. ‘New World’ leadership is now people and value-driven, entrepreneurially minded, innovative, highly emotionally intelligent, empowering, authentic and with a strong focus on a Growth Mindset approach. Old style, bureaucratic leadership is being phased out and organisations that embrace the ‘New World’ leadership are making the first step towards becoming a workplace of choice. With up to 75% of people said to “quit their bosses, NOT their jobs,” and the need for leaders that drive innovation, it is essential that this new style of leadership is adopted for future success.

Staff Retention

The recruitment industry rapidly evolving. Direct company-to-company headhunting is commonplace on LinkedIn; company apps are designed to encourage employees to send company job listings directly to their contacts and are financially rewarded when a placement is made. Snapchat and Instagram are also increasingly being utilized to appeal to and recruit millennials. Becoming a ‘Workplace of Choice’ and having a healthy, employee-centric culture is now essential to retaining your high performers.


The benefits of an engaged workforce are undeniable for both staff performance and retention. A PWC study showed that employees most committed to their organisations put in 57% more effort on the job and are 87% less likely to resign than employees who consider themselves disengaged. Similarly, another study by Gallup also demonstrated that companies with highly engaged workforces outperform their peers by 147% in earnings per share.


An engaged, empowered and creative environment for your people to innovate in needs to be properly fostered. Being proactive instead of reactive is the goal. A Growth Mindset culture will help create the environment for innovation to flourish.

Business Strategy

is constantly changing, but people’s mindsets are often not. For your agile business strategy to not just be fully effective but also constantly evolving, both your people and your business practices/processes need to be aligned.

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