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I wish that we could have had more time at Sarah’s leadership course, I enjoyed it so much! It was a practical course, run by an engaged and knowledgeable facilitator. It was dynamic, informative and supportive and the best session out of the entire 3-day leadership summit. I loved it! Highly recommend!

Rose Lenertz, Director, Department of Agriculture

Sarah is an inspiring person and an authentic coach. You will walk away from her Success Mindset workshop empowered and equipped to create change in your life. I would recommend her workshops to my colleagues and I personally loved the self-reflection and the great mix of activities. I felt equipped with real life skills to enable me to further develop my success mindset. Loved it!

Dani Hossack, National Sales Manager, Enterprise, Ezidebit

Sarah’s leadership workshop provides excellent and real tips to develop and improve your leadership style, and Sarah is an excellent facilitator.  The sign of an amazing day is ‘time flies’. The day went so quickly and I left feeling pumped! Highly recommend!

Hayley O’Sullivan, National Manager, BT Financial Group (Westpac)

Sarah’s leadership workshop is a great course for women leaders!

Jenny Chalker, General Manager, Telstra

Sarah’s leadership workshop was eye opening and inspirational. I really enjoyed the day and learned a lot! Sarah is very effective and delivers at the right pace and tone. It was a good opportunity to meet like-minded women and I would rate this workshop excellent. I would highly recommend it!

Shauna Ramrakha, Regional Director, Defence Housing Australia

Sarah’s leadership course was well structured and enjoyable and couldn’t be improved upon.  Sarah was great and very knowledgeable and it was a fantastic day! I would HIGHLY recommend this course!

Inger Carpenter, Director, Department of Agriculture and Water Resources

Sarah facilitates very well and allows time for people to discuss and share. The ability to network, share stories and tools is very helpful. Not many leadership courses cover wellbeing, stress management and a healthy approach to work and life, it felt very appropriate and enjoyable. It was an excellent course and I would recommend it.

Houda Darwich, Property Tenancy Manager, Defence Housing Australia

Sarah’s leadership workshop is a great course for checking in on your leadership and to learn contemporary ways and methods. I learned some new ideas and actions. And I especially liked the group contributions. Overall, I rate the course as excellent.

Fiona Sewell, Executive Director Nursing and Midwifery, Health Service

Sarah is an exceptional coach, mentor and growth mindset facilitator. I’ve had the pleasure of working with Sarah through individual coaching sessions and group mindset workshops. By participating in Sarah’s workshop I was able to develop a 90-day strategy and identify achievable and actionable steps. Following on with her coaching and mentoring sessions provided me the motivation, support, accountability and guidance to achieve my goals.

I highly recommend Sarah for individual or business coaching, mentoring and workshops in mental agility, success/growth mindset and emotional intelligence.

Sarah is an insightful and measured coach with a strong focus on building ownership and accountability. 

Her ability to see situations through multiple lens offers fresh insights and options to explore for individual and team growth.

My journey with Sarah started as individual executive coaching but has now extended to coaching senior relationship managers within my district. There is no doubt Sarah is an exceptional coach who can work across multiple industries and personality types. I have no hesitation in recommending Sarah.

I have had the pleasure of participating in Growth Mindset workshops with Sarah.

Her experience and authentic manner certainly add value to the Growth Mindset sessions. The learnings are powerful and worthwhile, directly for myself and have significant flow on effect to all parts of my life.

Very grateful for my ‘Growth’ following Sarah’s sessions. Highly recommend her workshops to any individual or business seeking transformation in this changing world.

I had the pleasure of being Sarah’s client at Standard Chartered Bank in London for the best part of ten years. The aspect that really marks her out from the crowd is an absolute focus on your needs as an individual and an utter determination to ensure those needs are fulfilled regardless of the effort involved. In business it is rare to find someone you can truly regard as a trusted partner but Sarah epitomises reliability, trustworthiness and honesty. I would welcome any opportunity of doing business with her in the future and would wholeheartedly recommend others to do the same.

I was fortunate to have attended Vision Insight’s Leadership workshop facilitated by Sarah Young during the week of the 3rd Annual Women in Leadership Queensland Summit. Right from the introduction to the end of the workshop, Sarah had the whole room interested, engaged and thinking through the many challenges that can hold you back from reaching your full potential as a successful leader. I left the workshop with some great insight into my own leadership style and feeling invigorated and armed with positive strategies that I was keen to implement within my team.

I worked with Sarah in London during the formative years of my career. She stood out as an organised, energetic, highly motivated senior operator, who was liked and respected by clients and colleagues alike.

Sarah is rare. She is hugely capable, and yet absolutely approachable. Highly motivated, and yet understanding of the fact that we’re all motivated by different things in our lives.

I would trust Sarah with just about any part of my life or my business. As we used to say of really strong candidates back in our recruitment days together – “UWC” (Use With Confidence!)

As a veteran of London’s financial markets, I can now say I’ve known Sarah professionally for more than 25 years. And yes, that makes me feel old. Back in 1990, I witnessed first-hand a bright, ambitious and personable trainee join a desk of high-achieving, extreme Alpha males. It was a brutal time, long before the era of ‘Political Correctness’. Trainees, (mostly male) failed with alarming frequency, broken by the harsh environment of Foreign Exchange Broking. Not Sarah though. Instead, she adapted, competed, and flourished. Within 2 years, not only did she match those Alpha males, Sarah out-performed them, she became their boss. It was an extraordinary achievement.

So, when Sarah talks about leadership, learning and development, it comes from the heart, the brain and from real-life experience. I’m more than prepared to wager Sarah’s worth listening to.

Sarah Young has been my coach and mentor since April 2015, and signing on with her has been one of the best things I’ve done for my business.
Sarah has given me a new lease on life as a business owner, inspiring, motivating, and guiding me through the regular tasks needed to grow my business. She keeps me on track and accountable, and this is only possible through the time she has taken to get to know me, my working style, and my goals. Sarah has the perfect balance of push and celebration, ensuring that even the most daunting of management challenges can be met.

I definitely recommend Sarah any chance I get to others looking for business coaching services, and I have every intention of continuing our work together as long as possible.

I attended Sarah’s leadership workshop and took on an individual leadership coaching program. Sarah helped to hone my skills in mindfulness, emotional intelligence and communication in a complex environment, as well as redefine a career plan. Sarah’s personal, tailored and goal-measured approach and support to achieve my objectives is commendable.

Sarah’s vast and varied experience equipped me to identify my leadership strengths and weaknesses, and most pleasingly, she presented practical tools with which to logically improve myself as a person and as a leader.

The interactive nature of the leadership workshop and Sarah’s ability to tease discussion and debate from the group went a long way to further enrich the experience.

I attended Vision Insight’s leadership workshop and found it be highly innovative, and it has greatly helped me develop and hone my leadership effectiveness. I would highly recommend this masterclass to leaders and aspiring leaders’ who want to develop a leadership mindset, emotional intelligence, an authentic style and understand the power of creating a coaching, value driven environment for their team.

Companies whose Executives have benefited from Vision Insight’s programs